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Cipher Open Data Marketplace

The Future of Data Is Decentralized. A decentralized open data marketplace empowers users to collect and trade data in a fair way as their data will be their property. Data buyers will be able to confidently buy data knowing the data comes from vetted sources, while data sellers will be fairly compensated for the data they contribute. This is a foundational piece to achieving our overall vision of bringing ML/AI to blockchain. CipherProxy will build this using the innovative tech of Dfinity Internet Computer.


The Building Blocks

The building blocks that go into building the CipherODM on a high-level.

Cipher Wallet

A one-stop mobile application for the management of your digital identity, data, and assets, giving users the power to control the value of their data from their device.

Cipher ODM

An Open Data Marketplace designed to allow individuals and organizations to monetize and acquire data in a trusted, standardized, user-friendly and cost-effective way.

Cipher ID

A decentralized identity protocol that helps users manage their own data and enables blockchain-based  authentication. Other identity’s will also be available.



There are many reasons why a rust oracle framework would be necessary for this project. One of them is because Dfinity, the network which is integral to the project, is written in rust. Rust is also incredibly secure, which is also important because oracles store sensitive information.



A credit system based on reputation. Reputation will be built over time, and will be a combination of various metrics. If you are a new data producer, you will have a low rating. But if you provide quality data over time your rating will increase.

CipherODM Use Cases

CipherODM will support a variety of use cases. From its initial launch, we plan to widely expand its functionality with an emphasis on ML/AI.

AI & Machine Learning

Effectively, we are laying the foundations for bringing ML/AI data on-chain, however this is just the first step in achieving the convergence of AI and Blockchain technologies. We will first bring in data from off-chain sources to use within a secure peer-to-peer marketplace, increasing the accessibility and security of sharing data.

Media & Content

The CipherODM allows consumers to know the origins of their media and content by enabling smart contracts, or canisters, to track content ownership. Create higher quality content and deliver a more personalized and engaging experience to consumers, while delivering more efficient, secure transactions.

Finance & Banking

With the use of CipherCredit and a variety of token standards, we plan to provide a secure way of using data associated assets for collateral in DeFi ecosystems. And, for banks and financial institutions, provide a way of doing faster and more accurate reporting drawn on immutable data records.


Supply Chains & IoT

In times of disruption, the benefits of this technology matters more than ever. Businesses and consumers want brands to guarantee product authenticity, while supply chain participants demand responsible sourcing and better visibility to minimize disputes. Blockchain for supply chain solutions help supply chain leaders use data to handle the disruptions of today and build resiliency for the future.