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Did you know?

CipherProxy was originally an advanced digital marketing company.

Due to increasing concerns brought on by Big Tech, we shifted our efforts to build a decentralized system that could facilitate P2P data transfer, instead.



Vision Paper: Adtech & Martech

Lite Paper: Cipher Protocol (Coming Soon)

White Paper: Cipher Protocol (Coming Soon)

Who Are We?

CipherProxy is an RnD and Blockchain-as-a-Service Company. We plan to work alongside US enterprise companies in order to facilitate the rapid adoption of blockchain technologies in US industries by integrating their ecosystems with our modular and plugable distributed layer-2 solutions. We specialized in the areas of decentralized identity and decentralized data exchange. We work with these companies to build solutions that are production ready and beneficial to their ecosystem. Our goal is to be a better alternative to using fully centralized and siloed cloud ecosystems. We plan to foster a community of open source developers as well as develop superb training and education material about how to use our network. We realize that education is going to be an important next step in the mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies. At CipherProxy, we are aware that blockchain is still in its infancy. This is why we have developed our tech stack and team to be able to adapt to the ever changing world of blockchain technologies.


Cipher Technology


Cipher Protocol provides the DNA for decentralized systems, enabling large-scale, global data transactions while ensuring that the network remains open. With Cipher Protocol, blocks are processed in parallel across the barrier of the industry. Additionally, Cipher Protocol supports AI and machine-to-machine communication and has the capacity to scale, on-demand, as the industry and data requirements grow.

Layer-1 Technology


Cipher Protocol is an interoperable decentralized data privacy layer that aims to solve the challenges of data privacy on public blockchains. Cipher Protocol is built from scratch using the Substrate platform, and focuses on interoperability, end-user accessibility and enterprise-level scalability. The project not only aims to bring a lot of value to existing decentralized networks, but it will also help to provide interoperability between different chains. An underlying structure of the network is a set of APIs and SDKs that will help users easily connect and synchronize with the network.

Layer-2 Technology

The CipherProxy network solves the data bottleneck that plagues current blockchains through its innovative blockchain caching system. Rather than store every transaction on the main chain, CipherProxy utilizes numerous side-chains to store the majority of transaction data. The main chain itself is reserved for storing operational data related to the blockchain network, such as the total number of tokens in circulation and the total number of transactions made.

This will allow for a huge amount of data to be stored on a single blockchain without running out of room to store new data.


Layer-3 Technology

Layer-3 functions as the third layer of the CipherProxy blockchain platform and features a unique ability to enhance customization and usability to a large degree through the utilization of Wasm based cross-chain smart contracts that hold highly specific business logic. This actually allows developers to create DApps with a standard of interoperability, and the Layer-3 also includes the smart contracts for oracles and off-chain workers. It’s because of this that the Layer-3 is such an attractive and important feature of the CipherProxy blockchain platform.


As the blockchain industry continues to grow, interoperability and scalability will be the key areas of future concern. CipherProxy has a powerful solution to this dilemma with Substrate runtime components, which allows for cross-chain asset transfers with all public networks. With Substrate as a base, Heterogeneous sharding will provide for horizontal scalability and Polkadot’s relay chain will offer additional security. Eventually, Polkadot’s parachain will provide compatibility with a variety of public networks. The combination of features will allow CipherProxy to grow and scale triumphantly.

Meet the Team



Laying the foundation for a better web

CipherProxy is a blockchain startup, providing unprecedented personal data protection products.

With encryption and authentication for data protection, we give consumers the tools to take control of their data. CipherProxy is a global leader in blockchain research and development.

Although we create cutting-edge products, we are not just a company. We are a group of people that care about our community and want to make the world a better place.

James Harbeck

 Sebastian Pedrosa

Daniel McCoy

Marc Roman

The Interoperable Blockchain Cloud for Enterprise

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