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A technology research and development company focused on exploring synergies between blockchain, AI/ML, and open metaverse technologies

Research & Development


Cipher Proxy is a pivotal player in the ongoing drive towards the decentralized evolution of Upstreet—an innovative custom open metaverse framework seamlessly fused with AI agents. Learn more here.

Lucid jounral

Cipher Proxy is a leader in ethical dream research, pushing the boundaries of imagination. Our cutting-edge beta dream journaling app seamlessly integrates with AI technology to offer insights into the depths of the subconscious mind. Learn more here.


Cipher Proxy is a pioneer of The Outpost open metaverse project. As a founding member, Cipher Proxy contributed to the foundations of the Outpost by offering building blocks for the open metaverse. Learn more here.


Cipher Proxy, together with a great team from our partnership network, secured 4th place in the DFINITY Supernova hackathon with our avatar creator submission for the open metaverse. Learn more here.


Cipher Proxy received a 100k grant from the DFINITY Foundation to develop a framework for connecting an AI personality to an NFT avatar, becoming the first company to complete such a grant. Learn more here.