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Decentralize The World's Data

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CipherProxy is a research and development foundation focused on AI and Blockchain industries. We carefully identify the synergies between both fields and execute projects, with the ambition to empower developers with enabling technologies.

Artificial Intelligence




CipherProxy R&D

CipherProxy is performing R&D which can be roughly categorized within 3 Tier groups.


Technologies we work with:


Dfinity Internet Computer

OpenAI Technologies

Tier 1: Studio Projects


The projects associated with tier–1 will be achievable in the short term. The projects will be DApps built on top of established and promising ecosystems. CipherProxy‘s first tier–1 project will be to develop an intelligent NFT framework that will utilize AI.

Tier 2: Interoperability Solutions


The next tier consists of interoperability solutions. These solutions will be medium–term R&D goals. This includes but is not limited to: expanding oracle features, chain-key technology, security features, blockchain bridges, AI tools, and off-chain workers.


Tier 3: AI & Blockchain Convergence

The top tier is the convergence of AI and blockchain, which will be the long term R&D goal. These solutions, the result of long-term research by the CipherProxy team, aims to create a synergy between two of the most promising and powerful technologies in the world today.

A Future We Can Trust

In a world where data is the new oil and information is the new gold, people deserve to trust the sanctity of their data. Blockchain technology can provide this trust, and artificial intelligence can give that data a voice. Blockchain dynamics and AI synergies will help to pinpoint the causes of many of the world’s problems and formulate data-driven solutions.

Meet the Team


Laying the foundation for a better web

Although we create bleeding-edge products, we are not just a company. We are a group of people that care about our community and want to make the world a better place.